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SaaS Cyber Assessment


A key step in helping any business with its technology is a proper assessment of current state and potential vulnerabilities.
With Businesses Using More SaaS Applications, It’s Important For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) To Properly Assess The Following For Their Customers And Prospects:

  • Brute force attacks

  • Logins from unauthorized countries

  • Outdated File shares from OneDrive / Google

  • Drive/ Dropbox (Orphaned Links)

  • Data Exfiltration

  • Confidential files viewed (and by whom)

  • Newly added devices

  • Security group changes, security policy changes and more

Are You Looking for A SaaS Security Assessment?
If you are a business looking for an assessment and SaaS cybersecurity support from an MSP, please feel free to email or fill out the form to have someone connect with you on this topic.

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